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CCD Resources

The purpose of this website is to provide resources and helpful information for churches, missionaries, Bible teachers, and every day Christians, who are seeking to serve Christ and make him known. While these resources were originally designed to help English speakers to disciple others from different cultural backgrounds, they have been used by native speakers as well.  


Our small group family and friends in Japan celebrating Easter together


We are the Moon family.  I am Christie, my husband is Travis, and we have three sweet, little boys.  We wrote the Understanding Christianity discipleship workbook with help from some good friends and missionaries.  We also created this website as a way of sharing resources to assist in cross-cultural discipleship.  We are passionate about discipleship, Bible teaching, and reaching the nations. 

In 2018, we moved to Japan and lived there for 3 years. We were there for Travis' job, but took advantage of the opportunity to invest in the people. After hearing that less than 1% of the nation was Christian, our hearts hurt for the people.  We started praying for revival and a discipleship movement. We asked the Lord how we could help.
He led us to develop cross-cultural discipleship resources and to start this website.

When we first started discipling Japanese friends, we had trouble finding resources.  Most of what we came across was either only in Japanese, or it was directed toward more of an American audience.  We also wanted to make sure what we used was biblically-sound and easy to understand.  After several years of searching for and reviewing resources, we now have a good list of recommendations.  

Our hope for this website is that it would be a place where leaders can go to quickly find helpful, biblically-sound, and culturally-relevant resources that would be a good fit for their specific situations.  Churches and missionaries are busy, and we want this website to be a blessing that can help take a load off of your shoulders.



Praying for Japan, with friends, while overlooking the city from Mt. Mitake


The Moon Family in October 2022

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