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If you like what you have seen on this website and wish to support our team, there are several ways you can partner with us: 


1) PRAY.  Please pray for the people who will be using these resources, for those who are being discipled and those who are discipling them.  Please pray for a discipleship movement in Japan.  Please pray for us as we seek to expand our list of resources for cross-cultural discipleship. 


2) DONATE.  All donations and proceeds will be used to pay for operational costs and support the development and distribution of future resources.

3) SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER.  We will periodically send out updates with the newest developments, latest resources, and up to date prayer requests.

4) WRITE REVIEWS.  Write reviews on the websites where the book is sold.  Your ratings and testimonies will help inform potential future readers of the usefulness of these materials.  You can find those links here:

5) SEND US A MESSAGE.  We are always encouraged to hear about how these resources have helped or impacted you and other members of your community.  It is also helpful for us to know what worked well and what did not, as well as hear other suggestions, so that we can continue to incorporate user feedback into the development of future books.  

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